Good lighting doesn't just happen - it is designed. Light Up Your Life, Sarasota, Sarasota, serving St. Pete, & Tampa, Florida.

Light Up Your Life believes that lighting is not only very important but also very personal.

Whether building a new home or redecorating, probably the most overlooked element of design is lighting.
Light Up Your Life will help you select the best light with an affordable elegance. We are dedicated, and have the ability to analyze your needs and make your home special - with outstanding and individual lighting. We have the newest ideas in lighting, direct from Europe.


Visit our showroom - the team at Light Up Your Life will assist you to find the lighting that you need.

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Good lighting increases the sensual and real value of any building; people’s well-being is increased, and functional purposes of each room are supported.

The importance of light is immense. The conceptual interpretation of light and all its aspects, as well as the planned usage, require a lot of design skills, physical and technical knowledge. A well-structured approach with experienced lighting planners quickly proves its worth. In innovative construction, light is taken into account as early as the planning stage, before construction commences.

Besides planning lighting for new construction, Light Up Your Life also provides ideas for retrofitting better lighting in existing buildings. Our lighting control systems use radio frequency, therefore needing no wiring work in existing buildings.

Visit Light Up Your Life for expert assistance in lighting your home.